What is CJs Zone?

CJs Zone is a provider of WordPress Web Hosting and assists in developing and implementing WordPress websites. We’re based and all employees are local to Melbourne, Florida and the Space Coast.

More to come in the next few days. Our offerings will be greatly expanded as quickly as possible to meet our clients needs and offer more to potential future clients.

Please don’t hesitate to send an email or contact us. We’re here to help and look forward to hearing from you!

CJs Theme Child

With any theme there should exist a child theme. I’m going to keep this as simple as possible because child themes are meant to be modified. When using any theme you should also use a child theme. When the main theme is updated the changes will not effect the child theme keeping them safe.

Without a Child Theme your changes would possibly be permanently lost.

The only required files for a child theme are a styles.txt and a functions.php which will enqueue the stylesheet.

Check out CJs Theme Child on GitHub

CJs Theme

I am now developing my own demo theme!

It’s in the most initial stages of development possible so it currently doesn’t even display the pages in a suitable formatted way. Once it’s complete it will be the theme I use for https://cjs.zone – I will also be developing CJs Plugin to go with this theme later on down the road.

For now I’m working through the WordPress Theme Developers Hand Book so hang tight!

I would strongly suggest any new WordPress developers or PHP Developers who haven’t spent a lot of time with WordPress work through the WordPress Plugin Hand Book and then the Theme Hand Book.

You can see the current development of CJs Theme on GitHub.

CJs Plugin

Heavily developing CJs Plugin. More information on that coming soon!

I have finished the current development phase, I will still be working on this plugin as my demo however I’m currently focusing in on Theme Development next. Once I’ve completed both WordPress Hand Books I’ll be working to optimize both the plugin and theme.

I will also be trying to prep them to be suitable to go on the WordPress plugins directory. However, I will not be submitting them as they are a personal project – I may separate off some of the features of my demo plugin if they prove valuable and submit those.

You can check out CJs Plugin on GitHub.